Massive revenue growth at Cogint


First up this is a small cap with a market cap of just over $300 million so its high risk, low liquidity and not appropriate for many investors. But for those who want exposure to a pure play “Big Data” company it might just be the ticket.

Cogint is a big data and analytics company that has grown quickly to become the main provider in the complex field of data fusion. The company has been aggregating massive data sets and building a comprehensive data base that includes a high level view of 95% of the US population using 120 million self reported profiles and 700,000 daily survey respondents.

The company has recently seen huge increasing customer spend across its product lines demonstrating strong demand for its services. Q1 revenues were up 8.2% at $ 117.2 million,d EBITDA was up 11.9% at $39.9 million and EPS increased to $0.09.

Dan MacLachlan CFO said, “We have tremendous opportunities that lie ahead. We are very well positioned for the rest of 2017 and thereafter.”

Trading on a multiple of 20 times EBITDA the stock has potential.

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